JMC Music


JMCmusic has the experience and resources to record allmost anything both in the studio and on location.
Here are some examples of what JMCmusic can do for you.

On location recording.
Using a 16 channel hard-disk recorder we can record a full band at allmost every location. This can be done in one session a song but also in multiple sessions (better quality). This way you can record your own demo in your own rehearsal room whitout having to move your equipment.

Studio recording.
Working in a professional studio every instrument and part of your band can be recorded at the best level and quality possible. This way you will have total control of the sound of your mix even after recording.

If you are a singer but don’t have a band to record your demo with we can record the songs as background for your singing.
Or you could be writing your own music but not have band to record it with. JMC music can deliver the missing parts using it’s broad network of session-musicians.

Contact me for more information and prices.